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Publication : Savoir sécher le bois vol.1
Available in French only

Wood drying and seasoning is a science that is too often taken for granted. For us, however, it is our vocation and we aim to stay at the forefront of this domain of knowledge.

To answer in a practical way the questions that kiln users ask, we put together these advisory "technical notes". Their success was so great that we decided that the 24 notes published so far should be gathered in a single work crammed with ideas, tips and procedures.

This exclusive literature, born of the interaction between your everyday problems and our know-how, is required reading for:

  • the wood kiln operator
  • the consulting engineer
  • the student
  • the buyer.

  • The table below gives a rough indication of the topic of each technical note.

    Fiche 1Direct gas heating…what is it about?
    Fiche 2Thermal treatment of woods
    Fiche 3Dehumidification, heat pumps and new cooling liquids
    Fiche 4The moveable kiln: how good is it?
    Fiche 5Vacuum drying: supplement or replacement?
    Fiche 6Is direct gas drying dangerous?
    Fiche 7The pros and cons of pre-drying
    Fiche 8Kiln controllers, from PLC to computers
    Fiche 9Is variable speed useful?
    Fiche 10Moist Gas Thermal Transfer
    Fiche 11Stocking of dry wood
    Fiche 12Qualities of proper drying
    Fiche 13Comparing kiln specifications
    Fiche 14Modular heat pumps kilns
    Fiche 15Calculating operating costs
    Fiche 16Optimum use of energy sources
    Fiche 17Stickering
    Fiche 18Air circulation in kiln
    Fiche 19Measuring humidity
    Fiche 20Kiln humidification
    Fiche 21Drying of assemblies and pallets
    Fiche 22Spots and discoloration
    Fiche 23Electricity and drying
    Fiche 24Drying stresses.

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