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Publication : Savoir sécher le bois vol.1
(a wood-drying primer, available in French only)

CATHILD INDUSTRIE recently published the second section of the "Savoir Sécher" collection, called "Programmes de séchage" (drying schedules). It covers the basic concepts of wood as a material, its behaviour when drying and the mechanical and physical processes of extracting moisture from it.


2 Overview of wood drying
2.1Wood as a material
2.2Water within wood
2.3Measuring the moisture contents
2.4The drying process and contributing factors
2.5Wood in the atmosphere

3 Overview of wood drying
3.1Basic principle: establishing the environment
3.2Generic process

4 Working processes
4.2Drying sequences
4.3Basic drying schedules

5 Drying schedules
5.1List of drying schedules
5.2125 drying schedules

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